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DSL Internet

What is DSL Internet?


Digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet service is an Internet service provided by your local phone company. This is the most common Internet available if you live near a metro area. The speed of your Internet depends on how far away you are from the local phone companies central office. In a single metro area there can be multiple central office to get you the fastest Internet DSL can provide.


Why pick DSL Internet for my business?


DSL Internet should alway be available to any business that is within 5 miles from the local phone company's central office.

DSL Internet can help you keep costs down if you are just getting started with your business.

In most cases DSL is going to be your only option for Internet depending on where your business is located. Cable Internet is not available to every address in a metro area. Cable Internet companies are still working on expanding their networks to become available to every business location.


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